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It's now 4 months since I had a laser surgery at Refrakční Centrum Praha and I'm incredibly glad that I had the surgery done. I am 27 years old and had -4 and -4.25 on my eyes. Before the surgery, I was a little worried, but was surprised at how painless and easy it was. The operation does not take so long and the staff are super professional and speaks perfect English. The worst thing about the whole process was the first week of the healing process. When you get over this week you start to wonder why you did not have the operation sooner. More


I have recently returned from Prague where I attended the Refrakcni Centrum to have my second cataract removed having had the first one removed in March 2017. The Clinic, which is in the city centre, is well equipped and very modern. The staff are wonderful, extremely efficient and the personal attention that I received was excellent. Most of the staff speak English and nothing seemed too much trouble. The procedures were explained to me very clearly. Apart from some slight discomfort during the operations, they were not at all painful. More

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The major event of the Ferrari family in Central Europe, titled “Ferrari Racing Days”, was held in Brno during the first weekend in September 2009, presenting the largest number of Ferrari cars ever seen in the Czech Republic.
Thanks to an invitation from our client, Robert Pergl, we had the opportunity to watch a very attractive and dramatic race full of tough battles of the Ferrari F 430, the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge race and the F1 Clienti programme with vintage F1 cars from different time periods, once driven by F1 stars, for example Michael Schumacher.
Mr Pergl underwent laser eye surgery in our Centre early this year. Thanks to his invitation, we had a great opportunity to see that he is one of the top European racers. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on his excellent place in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli championship. You can find more information on www.menx.cz

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