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It's now 4 months since I had a laser surgery at Refrakční Centrum Praha and I'm incredibly glad that I had the surgery done. I am 27 years old and had -4 and -4.25 on my eyes. Before the surgery, I was a little worried, but was surprised at how painless and easy it was. The operation does not take so long and the staff are super professional and speaks perfect English. The worst thing about the whole process was the first week of the healing process. When you get over this week you start to wonder why you did not have the operation sooner. More

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Refrakční Centrum Praha will have Open Door Day on Friday 26 October 2018, which is a unique opportunity for those who are thinking about undergoing laser eye surgery or intraocular surgery but still have not had enough courage and would now like to learn more about the methods of laser surgery. From 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., all those who are interested in eye surgery can visit the facilities of the Refrakční centrum, ask any questions concerning laser surgery they may have and consult on intraoccular lens surgery or contact lenses . A basic examination will be FREE OF CHARGE and will be performed in order to determine the suitability/unsuitability for a particular procedure. Participants in Open Door Day will also be offered aspecial discount on surgery – 9 000 CZK. This event is very popular every year, so we strongly recommend that you confirm your participation by telephone on the following telephone number: +420 224505161-3 or by e-mail customerservice@rcp-prague.com.


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