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Refrakční Centrum Praha will have Open Door Day on Friday 11 October 2019, which is a unique opportunity for those who are thinking about undergoing laser eye surgery or intraocular surgery but still have not had enough courage and would now like to learn more about the methods of laser surgery. More


It's now 4 months since I had a laser surgery at Refrakční Centrum Praha and I'm incredibly glad that I had the surgery done. I am 27 years old and had -4 and -4.25 on my eyes. Before the surgery, I was a little worried, but was surprised at how painless and easy it was. The operation does not take so long and the staff are super professional and speaks perfect English. The worst thing about the whole process was the first week of the healing process. When you get over this week you start to wonder why you did not have the operation sooner. More

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Aesthetic medicine

  • Removal of wrinkles using Botox
  • Smoothing wrinkles using Restylane®
  • Eyelids plastic surgeries


Removal of wrinkles using Botox

Before application

This is a non-surgical procedure performed on an outpatient basis that does not require convalescence. Wrinkles are removed using Botox, a medicinal product that is applied into muscles at very low doses using a thin needle. The mechanism of action is based on the temporary blockage of the neuromuscular transmission of impulses, which results in muscular relaxation. As a result, the skin will become smooth and the wrinkles will disappear. Botox-based treatment does not produce any scars. The effect of Botox is visible in 2-3 days after application and usually lasts for 3-6 months. Repeated applications will prolong the effect. Botox is as effective in women as in men.

After application

Smoothing wrinkles using Restylane®

  • It provides long-term and natural improvement of the skin’s appearance
  • It smoothes wrinkles and sagging skin 
  • It is a very effective, non-invasive procedure.

The smoothing of wrinkles and sagging skin does not require the use of heterogenous substances.
Restylane® will reshape the contours with the help of a substance that is the body’s natural component – it is a stabilized hyaluronic acid. This substance is present in all living organisms and its major function is to transfer and bind water. Its presence in the skin ensures skin volume so the skin looks healthy and fresh. This is natural regeneration of beauty.
The application of Restylane has a long-lasting effect which is not permanent. The duration of the treatment’s effect is very individual. It depends on many factors such as age, skin type, lifestyle, and muscle activity and injection technique.
Gel particles absorb slowly so you will have plenty of time for maintenance treatments. Most patients will select a maintenance therapy six to twelve months after an initial wrinkle-smoothing treatment or facelift.
During the procedure, the clear gel is injected into the skin in small volumes using a very thin needle. The gel will then enhance the natural volume and will smooth out the wrinkles. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, without long convalescence. No preliminary testing is necessary and the procedure takes less than 30 minutes. Depending on the desired result, the initial treatment is usually followed by some maintenance procedures. Wrinkle-smoothing treatment does not usually require the use of an anaesthetic, although an anaesthetic can easily be provided on the patient’s request.
The intervention may result in some procedure-related reactions such as oedema, reddening, pain, itching, alteration in colour and sensation in the implant site. However, such effects usually disappear spontaneously within one or two days after injection. 

Before application After application


Eyelid plastic surgeries

With increasing age and the loss of skin elasticity, the eyelid skin starts to sag and folds of skin and “puffy eyes” develop, which alters the person’s facial appearance and may ultimately reduce the visual field. Eyelid surgery (i.e. blepharoplasty) is a possible solution of these problems. It is performed either on the upper or lower eyelid, or on both eyelids at the same time. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, or in combination with a general sedative agent (Diazepam), i.e. analgosedation. The procedure takes ca. 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the surgery. The patient is in the lying position and his/her face is covered with a sterile drape. The excessive skin is removed as necessary and the wound is sutured. An elastic bandage is applied on the operating field immediately after the surgery, and the patient can then go home. Oedema and bruising are present on the eyelids during the first days after the surgery, and will gradually recede. Patients should observe a resting regimen, and reduce physical exertion and sports activities. The application of cold compresses is recommended. Female patients should not use eye make-up for a period of 2 weeks. Stitches are removed on Day 7 after the surgery. 

Before surgery After surgery



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