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Refrakční Centrum Praha will have Open Door Day on Friday 11 October 2019, which is a unique opportunity for those who are thinking about undergoing laser eye surgery or intraocular surgery but still have not had enough courage and would now like to learn more about the methods of laser surgery. More


It's now 4 months since I had a laser surgery at Refrakční Centrum Praha and I'm incredibly glad that I had the surgery done. I am 27 years old and had -4 and -4.25 on my eyes. Before the surgery, I was a little worried, but was surprised at how painless and easy it was. The operation does not take so long and the staff are super professional and speaks perfect English. The worst thing about the whole process was the first week of the healing process. When you get over this week you start to wonder why you did not have the operation sooner. More

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Our Patients
Clients from abroad

Věra Chytilová

Film director

When your doctor tells you that you should undergo an eye surgery, it is a kind of shock at first. It is even more shocking when you realize that your eyes make your livelihood. I was lucky that I learned about Dr. Novák from a friend of mine who had her own personal experience with cataract surgery. I took heed of her advice and underwent surgery on one eye and later on the other eye. Today I know that my fears were unnecessary. With “my new eyes” I can now see the world more clearly and colourfully.

Michal Horáček

Text writer, composer, entrepreneur

Hardly any story in my life had such a dramatic course as my serious eye injury. Dr. Petr Novák had the lion’s share in the fact that despite gloomy prognoses my story had a happy ending. Thanks to his professional care, I can now see with my injured eye again. I still visit the Refractive Centre in Olivova street for regular follow-up treatment and will always go there with absolute trust. I recommend the care of this outstanding expert to everyone who wants to take care of their vision.

Miloš Forman

film director

It is an open secret that a world famous film director and playwright of Czech origin who has lived in the USA for many years returns to his native country more often.
This famous Czech who was born in Čáslav and has won two Academy Awards for best film director for the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest" and "Amadeus", introduced his latest film "Goya’s Ghosts" at the Czech premiere in Prague in early 2007.
He is also known to co-direct with his son Peter the successful play entitled “A Well-Paid Walk” which is now being staged in the National Theatre in Prague.
However, what has not yet been revealed publicly is the fact that he put himself in our hands and underwent cataract surgery. It is an honour for us that this person who could be operated on anywhere in the world has chosen our Clinic.

Patrik Eliáš

Professional NHL ice-hockey player

I spend most of my time in the USA where I play the NHL. I meet genuine medical experts who solve my health problems there. I am pleased that when I return to my home country – the Czech Republic – I can also find the same professionalism, expertise, and care as in the USA, for example in facilities such as the Refractive Centre Prague.

Radek Štěpánek

tennis player

I chose RCP to look after my eyesight. This is because I have faith in Czech specialists and also because the consultant in charge, Dr. Novak helped me tremendously. Having been diagnosed with longsightedness I had to start using contact lenses during matches. Unfortunately I have been provided with the wrong type of lenses in the USA. With these lenses I had some problems playing under artificial light as well as indoors at times. In tennis, the timing of hitting the ball is absolutely essential and therefore it is fundamental to have perfect eyesight. It was only thanks to the experience, knowledge and Dr. Novak`s understanding of my needs and what I do that we finally found lenses that were right for me. The selection process took a good part of two months. Back then I was gradually letting Dr. Novak know my feelings on what I mind and what works for me. We communicated over long distance as well, over the telephone. Today, I finally have lenses that pose no handicap on me. I actually went as far as to consider laser eye surgery at the RCP. We discussed the options with Dr. Novak. However, due to the nature and level of my problem, this procedure was not recommended in my case just yet. Because I have complete faith in Dr. Novak, I follow his advice.

Countness Kristina Colorado Mansfeld

Thanks to you, Doctor Novák, I have a new life now.
I was always angry with the 2 – 3 pairs of glasses hanging around my neck. I wanted to get rid of this burden, but how could I do it? My friends told me that regarding my dioptre strength, it wouldn't be feasible. One of my friends, however, had surgery frp, Mr. Novák, Head Physician, and opened the door to him for me. I didn't hesitate a minute to make the decision on a Czech physician, a specialist.
Mr. Petr Novák, Head Physician, kindly welcomed me, very helpful and pleasant from the first moment. He immediately found the solution for my ill eyes, i.e. multifocal lenses. I felt no fear of or worries about the surgery.
Petr Novák, M.D., Head Physician, is an excellent ophthalmologist, a medical authority world-wide, who, together with Refractive Centre Prague team guarantees a high professional performance and care for patients. Thanks to him, I have two perfect eyes allowing me to see everything, everywhere, including things which I shouldn't see.
I'm going to spread his fame among my friends in the Czech Republic, where I mostly live and abroad. Thanks to you, Doctor Novák, I have a new life now.

Lucie Borhyová

TV Nova moderator

I thank the team of Refractive Centre Prague for their excellent approach, dedication, and professional care!
It is not only me who is a grateful patient of Dr. Novák. Thanks to his care, my grandmother can enjoy reading and watching TV again after those long years when she couldn’t, and she is happy to recognize her friends in the street.
I never hoped that anyone would be able to persuade her to undergo an eye surgery but Dr. Novák was! We are very grateful to him! I also wish you many satisfied patients.

Felix Slováček


I do not recall exactly how long I have known Dr. Novak but I guess it may be about 15 years now. He was so good to me for the whole duration of my treatment that I completely forgot that I had a medical problem. Eventually, all the members of our family were treated by him. The old proverb that says “the eye is a window to the soul” is true indeed.

Dagmar Patrasová


We have been seeing the Head Physician, Dr. Novák for follow-up visits for many years. Our daughter, who dislikes medical check-ups, always looks forward to seeing Dr. Novák! He is “more than a doctor”. He is patient in explaining everything about the medical problem, he tells us in advance which procedures he is going to do, and has a great ability to calm down and comfort a patient. The patient will accept the diagnosis of glaucoma, which is a serious condition, with hope. Furthermore, he has a perfect, well-coordinated team of “his people" in the Refractive Centre. I am very grateful to all of them for excellent care and a pleasant atmosphere. I would like to thank you all for the help you provide to your patients.

Ing.Ivan Drbohlav

Managing director

I have read the messages from some of the patients treated by Dr. Novak at the Refractive Centre Prague with a great interest. Although I am not his patient, I would also like to use this opportunity and say a few words. Dr. Novák literally saved my daughter.
It happened 11 years ago. When I returned home, I found a message from my wife: “I am at the hospital in Říčany.” So I immediately drove there and was told that a friend of my daughter, who was 14 at that time, severely injured her eye with a cone and that she was referred to Prague. I drove to Prague where I met my wife in tears saying that the doctors did not see any other possibility than to remove the crushed eye.


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