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Refrakční Centrum Praha will have Open Door Day on Friday 11 October 2019, which is a unique opportunity for those who are thinking about undergoing laser eye surgery or intraocular surgery but still have not had enough courage and would now like to learn more about the methods of laser surgery. More


It's now 4 months since I had a laser surgery at Refrakční Centrum Praha and I'm incredibly glad that I had the surgery done. I am 27 years old and had -4 and -4.25 on my eyes. Before the surgery, I was a little worried, but was surprised at how painless and easy it was. The operation does not take so long and the staff are super professional and speaks perfect English. The worst thing about the whole process was the first week of the healing process. When you get over this week you start to wonder why you did not have the operation sooner. More

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Our Patients

Our Patients
Clients from abroad

We´d like to say thank you to all our pacients, who agreed to share their feelings and experiences with the eye refractive surgery.

Jiří Menzel

Film director

When you find heart to a change, your life may become more beautiful. Some for the sake of it get married, some emigrate; I have thrown away my glasses. I wore them since my early age, and I was always bothered with those rims. They were being in my way, they were spoiling my life. When I was a boy, they took away from my self-confidence, I could not fight properly, nothing had left for me than to lie in books at home. But even then my glasses were always broken, spliced with sticking plaster. Later on, at puberty, with first attempts of kissing, one was always made to awkwardly realise that there was something on his nose that stayed in way. And even later on, in certain moments, one had to solve another embarrassing problem: the dilemma of what was to go down first - the glasses or the trousers.

But today, thanks to the wonders of modern medical science, the laser and dextrous hands my nose has been lightened, my eyes liberated, I am eagle-eyed, my self-confidence has risen. Taking my friends' advice, I underwent a surgery performed by professor Kuchynka. I know no better specialist in Bohemia. It is thanks to him that I am looking at the world without the glasses.

Barbara Nesvadbová

Writer,general editor Harper´s Bazaar

When I was a secondary school student in my last year, my vision started to blur and I suffered from headaches. Near-sightedness – this was the verdict of physicians from the Vinohrady Hospital in Prague . “This is infuriating. Not only is she bandy-legged but she’ll also be a four-eyes," said my father. How encouraging! What a great compliment for an adolescent girl! I wore contact lenses from the age of fifteen until the age of thirty-two. One good thing about it was that I could perplex my occasional lovers with green eyes. I kept my blonde hair but changed the colour of my eyes every two weeks. Hate, pure hate - this was what I felt towards my glasses, without exaggeration. “They suit you so perfectly,” enthused those who met me by accident and saw my glasses. “An interesting intellectual,” said university professor Černoušek to me when I tried to hide the sty in my eye with glasses. What a terrible nickname! Why should it be me who always wanted to be like Barbie? :-)


Vlastimil Zavřel


What made you decide to undergo eye surgery? Glasses. I was annoyed that I had to put them on my nose every morning and have them on until the evening. I had to take them off many times in the evening because of my job and then I could not see the audience or even my colleagues. And this was annoying. Were you afraid of the operation?
Of course. I was afraid that the surgery would not be successful. Because I am no hero, I was afraid most of all that the surgery would hurt. What made you decide to undergo the surgery at our Clinic? An advertisement on the radio when I was driving. That time I was just thinking about undergoing surgery like that. So I made an appointment at your Clinic. The first meeting with your staff and environment made a positive impression on me. Today, I am happy that I did not switch the radio off that day.
How would you describe the change which came about after your surgery?
The change was quick and pleasant. I began to enjoy ordinary things, their shapes and colours… Simply, I am enthusiastic about the acuity. And what did the surgery give me? It improved my mood! What would you recommend to someone who is still hesitant about the surgery? Stop hesitating and go for it!

Jaroslava Rytychová

Ex-model, journalist, manager

I wanted to get rid of my glasses. Although many people told me my glasses suited me very well. I was near-sighted since puberty but did not have many dioptres (2,75). This was not for aesthetic reasons as many of you may think, but for purely practical reasons. I just wanted to see my children who kept shouting at me and I was not able to understand what they meant because I could only see blurred contours and did not understand their gestures. I wanted to cuddle my children without my glasses falling from my eyes, which I then lost and had to search for with great effort, losing time and finding them broken to pieces or even crushed. I also used to lose my glasses. So when I lost my favourite, very expensive, red glasses with frames that ere made in France, I finally took the plunge.


Adam Bednařík

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight Operations Officer& Commercial Pilot

Having my eyesight operated was a step that I had to take in order to achieve my career goals. As a pilot having good eyesight is a fundamental prerequisite in order to meet my medical requirements. In the end the decision was simple because it was mandatory.
My eyesight was not extremely bad but it was not sufficient to pass my 1st Class Medical that is required of an Airline Pilot. I also disliked wearing glasses as they restricted me during my sport activities. Contact lenses were of course less restrictive but it caused me a great deal of trouble inserting and removing them from my eyes.
In my case I did not have time to have many second thoughts about the operation. From the time that I found out that I would need this operation to the time that I had my first eye finished, no more than a week had elapsed. Of course one has some fear of the outcome but it did not play a role in my decision to undergo the operation. I was more afraid that I would be required to miss some days at work, which in the end turned out to be completely the opposite case.


Petra Eliáš - Voláková

TV Prima moderator

Since I was eight years old, I suffered from short-sightedness that kept worsening at all times. When I grew up, I had already more than four dioptres. I could not use glasses in my profession, so there was no choice but contact lenses; however, wearing them for a long time irritated my eyes very much. When I did not have my glasses or contact lenses on, it seemed to me that I was "blind". I could not recognise anybody, I could not read signs in metro. With contact lenses, strong lights, sprays or smoke tormented me while I was photographed.
When I discovered an article on laser eye surgery and on the current methods used for the treatment of refractive errors, I became interested in it. Appreciative words from my colleagues and patients that had been operated before, as well as the consultation with a surgeon that was to operate my eyes later, helped me to decide whether to undergo the surgery. I must say that the whole team made an unbelievably pleasant, nice and professional impression on me. Though I am extremely afraid of any medical interventions whatever, they succeeded in persuading me that there is no reason to feel worried. They were able to answer any of my questions, and they strengthened my opinion that I had made the right choice. And today I cannot but confirm it.


Mgr.Robert Pergl

Racing Driver

I had been using glasses since early childhood and I never got used to them. As I remember, I exchanged them for contact lenses in secondary school. But it was just a half-way solution, mainly during sport. Racing means quite a large acceleration load and sometimes a lens happened to move. There is a very fast and long curve in Istanbul, where it happened in almost every round. Anybody can imagine that at speeds over 200 km/h it's not ideal to have imperfect vision, moreover if you need five dioptre lenses. That’s why I had been thinking about laser eye surgery for quite a long time, but naturally, like anybody else I had worries. But the more information I got, the less I feared it. At the beginning of 2009, during the winter race break, I had surgery, which was fast and without complications. Now I can see much better than ever and who knows, it might have helped me when I was among the winners in this year’s first two Ferrari Challenge races.

Kathryn Havlová


Seven years ago my sight was impaired dramatically. It was clear that I would never do without glasses or lenses, and I just refused to accept it. Besides a headache and permanently irritated eyes, the most annoying thing was that my defect restrained me. Wearing contact lenses curtailed my freedom. You always have to consider the fact that you can wear the lenses only for a certain limited number of hours (i.e. you cannot stay out longer than you have planned), you must not swim with contact lenses (so you see nothing in a swimming pool or when diving), and you cannot even take a nap (no one-hour siesta after dinner), and you always have to maintain hygienic conditions when handling them (which is very difficult when you go camping). For an individual who lives an active life and makes spontaneous decisions, the above-mentioned aspects are great limitations. I collected all the information about the LASIK method for several years. So I knew what was ahead of me. But my fearful “ego” was a bit afraid that I would still have some dioptres “left”. But this was not the case.
Now, after the surgery, I feel free and enjoy life to the full after all. It may sound like a cliché but I really do.

Michaela Rýzlová, M.D.


I wore distance glasses from the age of 8 or so. Initially, I wore them only for distance vision but later when I was a secondary school student I had to wear them permanently. I decided to undergo eye surgery after hesitating for many years and gathering medical evidence that the surgery wouldn’t harm my eyes. I finally made up my mind after our two children were born and I felt wearing glasses was a burden. Finally, I plucked up enough courage to make an appointment with a doctor at the Refrakční Centrum Praha (Prague Refractive Centre) who was recommended to me by one of my colleagues and dear friends.
I was very surprised by the friendliness and kindliness of the Centre’s medical staff. First, I was thoroughly examined and then informed about the course of surgery.


Libor Kodad

Dramaturgist,film director

I used to have 7 dioptres and I could not even move without my glasses or contact lenses. I have very active life (I dive, play squash, ski). As any other person who wears glasses knows, dioptric glasses are an annoying complication when you play sports. About ten years ago, I started to use contact lenses. Definitely, they make my life easier. On the other hand, they also impose certain limitations, like glasses. For example, putting lenses in every morning was always difficult for me or I also had to remember that I could not stay out longer and have glasses in reserve. Although my eyes are not hypersensitive, I had to remove the lenses after 12 hours. And this is annoying when you are not at home but somewhere else. I was thinking about the surgery for a long time and knew that I would undergo the surgery one day. I remember exactly the day when I made a definitive decision: my glasses for 12,000 crowns broke and could not be repaired and I was also running out of contact lenses. I did some calculations and got it clear.


Kateřina Lojdová


When our twins were born – glasses began to be a great restriction for me. I refused to take them off. What if I missed any of our twins’ clumsy movements and was not able to “protect” them from falling down, etc.? Believe it or not, cuddling both two-year-old twins at a time is like putting your life at stake, and the glasses’ earpiece stuck in your eye is nothing enjoyable. When our twins made a perfect game of "throwing biscuits behind mum’s glasses” I said enough was ENOUGH. In addition, practical aspects of wearing glasses were also bothersome. For example, I had no spare glasses at hand when I needed them, it was almost impossible for me to protect my eyes with sun glasses – darkening glasses with my number of dioptres were not available, I moved with uncertainty, I had a feeling I would fall down the stairs even though I had glasses.
Reduced glass thickness and quality glasses cost me a fortune.


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