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Refrakční Centrum Praha will have Open Door Day on Friday 11 October 2019, which is a unique opportunity for those who are thinking about undergoing laser eye surgery or intraocular surgery but still have not had enough courage and would now like to learn more about the methods of laser surgery. More


It's now 4 months since I had a laser surgery at Refrakční Centrum Praha and I'm incredibly glad that I had the surgery done. I am 27 years old and had -4 and -4.25 on my eyes. Before the surgery, I was a little worried, but was surprised at how painless and easy it was. The operation does not take so long and the staff are super professional and speaks perfect English. The worst thing about the whole process was the first week of the healing process. When you get over this week you start to wonder why you did not have the operation sooner. More

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Clients from abroad

Our Patients
Clients from abroad

The Refractive Centre Prague offers professional care not only to Czech clients but it is also becoming increasingly popular among clients from abroad.

Over the last five years, the Centre has been visited by the clients from more than 40 countries worldwide, for example Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, S.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Serbia, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the U.S.A.

Kathryn Buttler

Manager - GB

I had 20/20 vision until about 12 years ago when I started working with computers. Then my eyesight deteriorated quickly from the time when I only needed to wear glasses to drive until I had to wear them permanently, with around -2 in each eye. " Permanently" was a problem, as I specialized in losing, treading on or breaking my glasses, if I was reading I would put them on my head and when I returned them to my nose, they would be stuck in my hair or covered with finger prints. Contacts lenses were not the solution as they left my eyes dry, itchy and eventually infected.
I am a director of 2 companies; Sparkys s.r.o., an expanding chain of toy and gift shops ( it will have 15 shops by end 2005 ) and Piccollo s.r.o., an importer and exclusive distributor of Chicco, Columbia Sportswear Loap. When I am not in the office, my preferred destination is the tenis court or on a run with my dog. Glasses slowed me down. I would always be looking for them, cleaning them, replacing them. I used to wear contacts for tennis and can´t count the number of times I almost crashed my car while trying to insert the lenses when driving fast on the way to a game.


Jens Oliver Haas

Jens Oliver Haas Writer, scriptwriter, journalist - Germany (his wife is the TV star Sonja Zietlow)

I thought about undergoing laser surgery for 10 years. I always said to myself: one day…
But it always seemed to be too expensive, too lengthy, and too risky. Perhaps I just did not have enough courage and confidence. All in all, I only have two eyes and could not accept the idea having myself handled somewhere by a completely unknown person and a laser beam.
Why did I find courage and confidence in Prague’s Refractive Centre? I must admit that not only the attractive price was important. The qualification of surgeons and voluminous and straightforward e-mail correspondence set me up for a trip to Prague. Each e-mail was replied to immediately and thoroughly (in German!), and all my questions were explained, which partly dispelled my fears.


Catalina Peña Serna

Catalina Peña Serna QA Manager - Colombia

I’ve had to wear glasses or contacts for the past 15 years! and I had finally had enough of being blind without my glasses or contacts, so, I recently decided to undergo a laser procedure to correct my myopia. I was excited, but concerned. Thankfully, I had already had great recommendations from Dr. Novak at the Refractive Centre Prague, and all the recommendation were right! All the team at Refractive Centre Prague was very professional, helpful and friendly all the time. The doctors were always kind and responsive to all of my questions and concerns. After the surgery the service didn’t change! Assistance throughout the recovery period was excellent and very professional. Being an expat in Czech Republic always makes things a little bit more difficult, especially if it is something so important as choosing the right clinic to take such crucial surgery… one think I’d like to remark is that Refractive Centre Prague offers English-speaking staff, which was very important for me! and support 24 hours after the surgery.

Thank you for your great job!!

Theodoros Giatras

Businessman - Zakynthos

A few hours before visiting the medical center Refrakční in Prague, I was on a plane travelling from Greece to Prague. I never thought at that time that I would not need my glasses anymore in a few days. Of course, prior to the LASIK surgery on my eyes, I was afraid, especially as the operation was to be carried out in a foreign country, too. The visit to the medical center Refrakční and the first contact with the staff was really a pleasant surprise. In the conversation I had with Dr. Petr Novák I lost my initial concerns. He explained in a very detailed and scientific way, the procedure and its risks and what has to be taken care of in the postoperative period. Due to the excellent scientific training of the employees and their yearlong experience I have never doubted the success of this operation. I now have a new life - a life without glasses. For that I am very grateful to the medical center Refrakční in Prague and particularly to Dr. Petr Novák.

Pascal Schmid

Student - Switzerland

At first I was a little bit nervous about my eye operation. But when I entered the clinical practice from Dr. Novak I immediately felt comfortable. The team was very friendly and patient and for all my questions they had answers who took my fear away. The operation went very fast and the next day I could already see perfect without wearing glasses or contact lenses. I am very happy that I did this very important step in my life, it is like a new part. I can recommend it to everybody and I am very thankfull that I can see the world with new eyes.

Travis Dow

Account Manager (Aerospace) - USA

If you’re thinking about getting laser surgery I would recommend it. It changes your life in several subtle ways. I wasn’t sure if it was really worth it. Now I have no regrets and would make the same choice again.
Even once I made up my mind to get the surgery I wasn’t sure where to go. A hospital? Private clinic? And which one? Again I am sure I have made the right choice and would recommend Refrakcni Centrum in Prague to anyone trying to make that choice. The entire staff was very nice and caring. I was completely at ease during the entire process. Everything was explained to me very thoroughly and by the time I went in for the surgery I was hardly nervous at all.


Simona Conti

Manager - Italy

My best pastime after work is spending money on clothes, shoes, jewelry and anything feminine but the best money I have ever spent on is my laser surgery at Refracni Centrum in Prague. I remember that I was terrorized about the surgery, I was dreading that anything would go wrong and I would suddenly move or lose my eye flaps but all was perfect. My eyes were thoroughly checked and the service provided from the team was perfect and I could choose between German and English so I did not have to use my basic Czech… During the operation Dr Novak described every single action and did all he could to make me feel at ease – 4 months have already gone by and I can now see perfectly. Contact lenses and glasses goodbye! Yes, this was definitely my best spent money!

Riku Heinonen

Manager - Finland

I had been thinking about getting laser surgery for my eyes for already long time – perhaps five or six years. I even went to the clinic once to get it done, but then just got “cold feet” and decided to postpone. To be honest, I wasn’t really afraid of anything, but because I only had -1,0 vision I decided not to undergo the laser surgery at that time.
I have always been very interested of all kinds of sports. I like to play hockey, golf and other sports as well, and in order to have a sharp vision I had to wear contact lenses. But I wasn’t too big fan of contact lenses. Always the hustle to put them on, sometimes I forgot them and once in the while they dropped and I didn’t have the spare one.


Dejan Kovacevic

Principal Software Engineer - Serbia

I am wearing glasses since the age of 19. I got used to it but found uncomfortable while doing any kind of sports, especially swimming (as contact lenses don't help there). How many times I struggled to find the locker on my way back from showers...
I have heard about LASIK operation from friends that already had it. In the beginning I had some doubts about having an operation on my eyes, but those doubts disappeared after the first examination in Refrakcni Centrum.
They explained in details how the operation will go, what I can expect and what are the risks in my case. During the operation I felt like I am in good hands. Doctor Novak looked very confident and professional. He was communicating with me during the whole process and was explaining to me each step that he is about to make.


Eva Malek

Assistant director - Germany

I would like to thank warmly to the whole team of the Refractive Centre for my new eyes. Until May 2005, I had two problems – I was nearsighted (-7 dioptres) and did not have a good sense of direction when driving my car. Both problems are now solved. I thought about a laser eye surgery for many years. In fact, I was not afraid of the operation. The thing that held me back was the financial aspect of the surgery (I mean the price for the operation in Germany).
I have been wearing glasses since I was 11. I no longer need to do what anyone who has to wear glasses (particularly in childhood) has to. I used to wear contact lenses for more than 20 years but did not always like it. I did not have only negative experience with contact lenses but I was annoyed that I had to put them in and take them out and always take spare contact lenses with me; sometimes I lost them, or suffered from lachrymation, etc.


Ola Mohn

Painter – Norway

I am a 21 years old boy from Norway, who recently had eye surgery at Refrakcni Centrum in Prague. I had about -1,50 on both eyes, so it wasn`t so bad, but I`ve used glasses and contact lenses for about four years, and was really looking forward to get rid of them. I heard that the surgeons at this clinic have been using lasik for more than 7000 operations. So they have a long experience doing this. Therefore I had no doubt about going to Prague to do this operation. It is also a lot more expensive to do this surgery in Norway, about three times more expensive.I heard about this eye clinic from my sister who studies at a medical faculty in Prague, and she set up the appointment for me. A couple of weeks later I went down to Prague.


Alessandra Ruggieri

Student – Switzerland

I am a 26-year-old girl. One year ago, I had severe nearsightedness. My dioptres were -5.25 in the right eye and -5.5 in the left eye. I used to wear contact lenses but gradually find them uncomfortable.
Both eyes became increasingly dry and I really could not tolerate contact lenses any longer. This was why I decided to undergo laser eye surgery.
I underwent the surgery using the Lasik method in February 2006 after having been given consent by my physician from the Refractive Centre. I had both eyes operated at a time so I did not need to return to Prague again from Switzerland which is quite far from the Czech Republic.
First I was quite afraid but I knew what I was going to undergo.


Tymon Kalita

Finance manager - Poland

The first morning after my laser operation was the most beautiful morning in my life. It was a summer day with a cloudless sky, at 6 a.m. I looked out of the balcony and experienced the magic of perfect vision! All became so clear, so sharp! A 15-minute laser treatment and I can see every leaf on a tree. I see the windows of the plane flying above me over Prague 5! I can also see the score for a football match in the left corner of my TV set on my favourite Eurosport channel. I can see the bus numbers and number plates on cars. This is a wonderful feeling!
I am a 33-year-old Pole currently working in Prague. I learnt about the Refractive Centre from my colleagues at work. Many of them have undergone the operation and all of them recommended it to me. However, I was quite hesitant.


Mila Matijevič

Assistant - Bulgaria

I took me quite a long time to make up my mind whether or not to undergo eye surgery. I was always very busy so I wore contact lenses for 7 years. Wearing contact lenses is associated with permanent discomfort during travelling, sports, and swimming. One of my friends underwent eye surgery. Like me, he also explored the market first and chose RCP on the basis of the experience and recommendations of other people. Today, I’m grateful for this surgery, which I consider a miracle. I underwent the surgery in the evening after work, then slept there and saw clearly in the morning!!! The slight scratching sensation in my eyes, which I also used to have when wearing contact lenses, is negligible and can’t be considered painful at all. This is a wonderful experience that I tell all of my friends and would recommend it heartily. It will also pay off from a financial point of view, as compared to the price of contact lenses.

Willy Pierre Abbal

Banker – France

After several thoughts about the surgery, I toke my decision to make it. The decision was motivated mainly by the reason that I m practising a lot of sports in contact with water like sailing, swimming. As foreigner to make the decision to do it in Czech Republic was not driven by cost aspect but more by pratical ones. Im living in Prague since 4 years so itwas much more easier to do the surgery in Czech Republic than in France. I was amazed by the advanced technologie as well as the quality of the service provided. If I could give recommandation for taking the decision, I would look at 3 drivers the personal necessity and motivation to do the operation, the confidence in the technologie and last but not least the communication with the doctor. The surgery seems easy and it is but it needs to be prepared. For myself I prepared a list of questions based on what I could read on internet or in the press. After already few days my vision improved and I m very pleased about the result therefor I would strongly recommend to make the evaluation visit to check if the surgery is feasible, collect information as much as possible and get confidence.

Peter Casimaty

Manager – Australia

In June 2007, I underwent bilateral laser surgery using the Lasik method at the Refractive Centre Prague, after I pondered over it for a long time.
The result is amazing and I can only regret that I did not undergo the surgery earlier. I would not need to cope with daily difficulties associated with the use of contact lenses including the feeling of dry eyes later at night, and problems when swimming and doing other sports.
As an Australian citizen who currently lives in Prague and used to live in Great Britain before, I thought about undergoing the surgery in Australia or Britain. Then I found a top eye clinic in Prague. One very important thing is that the physicians and nurses explained everything very clearly and vividly to me – the whole surgery, problems with wearing glasses for reading because of my age, possibility of a "glare" phenomena at night, etc.
So when you think about the surgery using the Lasik method, I can fully recommend the treatment and care at this Clinic. And I would like to thank all the members of staff at the Clinic for their superb services.

Patrizia Solari

Housewife – Italy

Two years ago, whilst staying with us, my mother (then aged 79) was in need of a cataract operation. She was very apprehensive, being in a foreign country where she could not understand a word of what was said: she only speaks her native language which is Italian. My GP here in Prague directed us to a nearby eye clinic in the seventh district.With much encouragement, she agreed to go ahead with the operation. Because of the problem with the language, the doctor asked if I could sit next to mother in the operating theatre and help with the translation. So I put on my white cape and in I was: the whole process was very fast, professional, stressless even for my old mum, and carried out by a truly remarkable team of people.
I was so favourably impressed by this experience (and its results) that I decided to see if such expert people could also do something for me:


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